Why carpets are here to stay – latest trends

Why carpets are here to stay – latest trends

Many think there’s no room for carpets in today’s modern home.
Well, they are quite wrong.
While hard floor surfaces, such as timber, tiles and concrete provide clean, modern finishes the traditional warmth and comfort associated with carpet guarantee its enduring popularity.

After all, is there anything that compares to the luscious feeling of a soft carpet?
If durability is a concern, you need not worry.
The advances in today’s technology and creative design guarantee that your carpet will have a long life ahead.

Do you want to know what the latest trends in carpet design are?

  1. Neutrals with a dash of color. Classic neutral will always be a safe option but to add a contemporary feel, give them a small dash of color that screams vivid and unique.

  2.  Deeper tones in high-traffic areas. These days, the best way to ensure the longevity of your carpet in stairs and hallways, is by installing a strong, durable carpet in a forgiving shade like charcoals and chocolate browns.

  3. Stepping beyond the monochrome. Colour is shining in many different and innovative ways like super-sized cut piles that reveal a contrasting tone in the centre, abstract and painterly designs, woven stripes, and the eclectic sophistication of stippling, where different colours and textures are woven together in a single yarn. 

  4. Bespoke comfort. In the modern home of today, the comfort factor has never been so high. Away from the heavy traffic of a corridor or stairway, the bedroom is the space for velvety indulgence and deep textured with a handcrafted, bespoke feel like oversized loop piles, high, dense twists and chunky felts. 

  5. Blending materials. Although wool is an all-time favourite, the latest materials combine it with everything and anything - from silk and cotton to linen and even paper! These luxurious and at times surprising fibres are generally woven into the designs as separate, highlight features, resulting in multi-layered carpets – the perfect combination given that wool is stain-repellent and incredibly durable and man-made fibres are affordable and easy to clean.

There’s a clear trend towards a more artistic style of carpet, one that makes you rejoice in the space you live in. That’s why, when you install your new carpet, you need to leave it in the hands of the professional team at LB Handyman, experts in all types of home projects.

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