Upgrading your interior doors – a simple and affordable way to transform your home

Upgrading your interior doors – a simple and affordable way to transform your home

How many times have you opened and closed that door and cringed at the state it’s in? Probably far too many. Imagine how a potential buyer would feel if you were going to sale your property.

Upgrading your tired doors is a simple and cost-effective way to upgrade your rooms and create a fresher overall feel. Selecting the right door will only reinforce your design scheme, it will also add contrast or depth to the room plant.
So, what is the best way to upgrade your doors?

  1. Simplicity. Even if budget constraints are not an issue, stay with simple, elegant doors. Two-panel doors with square sticking and flat panels, for instance are a versatile and uncomplicated option that most people would love.

  2. Contrast. While most decorators might recommend painting doors the same color as the rest of the trim in a room, the latest in design is taking that classic look a step further by experimenting with contrasting colors. Doors that are darker than the walls and the trims provide added emphasis and contrast. 

  3. Out-door in. A wonderful opportunity to step out of the box, incorporating an exterior door into the interior design of the property adds a unique interior decorating component and a great conversation piece. French doors, for instance, have a charming French-bistro vibe while a six-light cottage-style door allows light to pass through and creates a casual cottage-style room.

For a professional finish when refurbishing your worn out doors or installing completely new ones, trust the team of professionals at LB Handyman on demand. Create a fresh and contemporary new look in your home without any hassles and with outstanding results.

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