Top tips for the latest in bathroom trends that can give you the look for less.

Top tips for the latest in bathroom trends that can give you the look for less.

How often have you thought about upgrading that sixties pink bathroom? Probably every time you step into it! And certainly every time your guests ask if they can visit the restroom!

Bathrooms are undoubtedly one of the most neglected rooms in the house but considering the amount of time we spend there grooming, relaxing and so on, it is important to create an environment we enjoy. The problem, generally, is that bathroom renovations can cost a bomb!

The following suggestions will help you achieve a contemporary look for a lot less:

  1. Deep freestanding tubs are a sure way to create a dramatic and luxurious effect and a spa like bathroom feel.

  2. Neutral coloured floors are the perfect solution to a small bathroom as they will help you make the space look bigger. 

  3. Fully mirrored walls from countertops to ceiling over vanities will create an illusion of space and a streamlined look.

  4. Focused mode lighting and leds will add ambiance to your bathroom, minimising its functional feel.

  5. Add your personal touch. Don’t apply the brakes to your creative genius when you are working on your bathroom decoration. It is ok to think outside the square and embellish it with striking wall art, bespoke murals, and texture that bring it to life.

One of the best things about bathrooms is that trends change slowly, or at least not as quickly as other rooms, so whatever you choose we’ll have a lot more staying power. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s sleek, contemporary and says a little something about you. And whatever components you decide on, make sure they are professionally finished to quality and safety standards. Then, you are on to a winner!

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