Tired of the same old kitchen floor look? Here are some out-of-the-box options

Tired of the same old kitchen floor look? Here are some out-of-the-box options

Time to renovate that jaded seventies kitchen? Well then, it’s the perfect moment to move with the times and welcome the design trends of the twenty first century.

The following materials will transform your tired kitchen space, adding a touch of functionality and elegance.

  1. Carpet Tiles. While not new, the convenience of carpet tiles is making them an increasingly more popular element in kitchens around the country. Easy to install, transport and lay down, carpet tiles can create customized rugs to add softness to work spaces or highlight eating areas.

    Carpet tiles require no underlay or adhesives and generate less waste than other flooring types, particularly in awkward shaped rooms. Also, the backing inhibits mould and bacteria, extremely important for allergy sufferers, children and the elderly. 

  2. Rubber. A wonderfully resilient option for contemporary kitchens, rubber floors are an eco-friendly option with great sound insulation properties. They are also easy to clean, as well as water, fire and slip resistant. Naturally sticky, contemporary rubber floors can be installed without the need for adhesives. Enjoy the cushioned support of rubber floors for years to come and recycle 100% once you need a change. 

  3. Concrete. If you are going for an urban-chic but somewhat rugged look, concrete kitchen floor are exactly what you need. Other than being very cost-effective, concrete floors can also be dyed, textured, and scored to produce virtually any look imaginable. 
    Concrete floors are not only a pretty face, they are also water-resistant and extremely easy to clean. 

    Not only that. 

    Concrete inhibits the growth of mould and mildew, and the development of unpleasant and powerful kitchen odours, something very important in open-space kitchens. 

    Not to mention that they are extremely resilient and child/pet friendly.

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