Thinking about updating your tired bathroom tiles? Have you considered painting them?

Thinking about updating your tired bathroom tiles? Have you considered painting them?

Can’t take the look of your old bathroom any longer? Can’t afford a complete makeover? 

Have you considered painting those jaded bathroom tiles instead of installing new ones?
An affordable option that will transform your bathroom completely at a fraction of the cost of tilling.

Unsure how to choose the appropriate paint or how to go about carrying out the paint job?

The professional team of LB Handyman on Demand have refurbished their share of bathrooms by painting their tiles from head to toe, so we leave here you with some suggestions that will help you do a fantastic and very economical job.

  1. Walls: if you are going to paint the non-tiled part of the bathroom (as you should, to give a complete transformation), you are going to need to apply an under-coat to help your paint stick better. We recommend applying an under-coat specially adapted for bathroom use which, will provide extra protection against moisture by forming a barrier against water. Once the base work is done, use anti-condensation paint to slow the formation of condensation and to prevent rust from appearing on the walls. A single layer usually does the trick.

  2. Tiles: Applied directly on the tiles, this type of paint gives them a shiny appearance and protects them from moisture and stains. There does not need to be an under-coat as bathroom tile paints adhere perfectly well onto the tiles. Ideally, apply two coats to last longer. 

  3. Colors: you’ll be surprised at the variety of colors suitable for bathroom renovation available out there! In fact, it’s just a matter of combining the color dyes of your choice with the appropriate bathroom paint to have your bathroom completely transformed. So, don’t worry, choosing a special paint for bathrooms doesn’t mean having to give up on great color options. 

If you want a professional bathroom makeover at very affordable prices, talk to our team of experts. We’ll be glad to assist.

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