The painting palette of 2014 –what’s trending?

The painting palette of 2014 –what’s trending?

2014 is not going to go down in history as a subtle year.

Not with the egg yolk yellows, pumpkin oranges and tomato reds that have been the accent colours of the season.

It’s all about daring, radiant colours and vibrant, cheerful hues - whether you are touching up your room’s accessories or whether you are doing up furniture or feature walls, the colours of 2014 will add the excitement that earlier neutral colour schemes needed.


Still as playful as always, the red palette now expands to cover shades of tomato, crimson and pohutukawa that are bolder than most of us can cope with! Unapologetically robust tones that when paired with other retro colours, make for a carefree, adventurous statement.


No, designers are not ready to give up on white. The white scheme that is so refreshing and clean still dominates but now we’re moving more towards whites with a yellow undertone to warm things up. Beiges are also warming up, mixing with rich creams, mustards, honeys and soft yellows.


Nothing creates a retro feel like the soft candy-coloured tones that we are seen this year. Tables, chairs, jars, even appliances are going candy. Delicious and playful!


One of the most popular styles in this year’s interior design trends, Scandinavian inspired colour schemes are being paired with bright red accessories to achieve the simple, clear, pure lines of the Northern countries.

At LB Handyman on Demand, we take it upon ourselves to keep informed of the latest design trends so we can achieve a uniquely contemporary look for our customers. And this year, we love the results we are achieving by implementing these very exciting colour combinations.
We can’t wait to see what 2015 would bring us!


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