Debating whether to use hard Wood flooring in your home? These are the pros and cons.

Debating whether to use hard Wood flooring in your home? These are the pros and cons.

If you are torn between whether to buy a wooden floor or whether to use a synthetic imitation wood laminate flooring, our expert team at LB Handyman on Demand we’ll help you clarify your ideas.

 What are the advantages of wood flooring?

  1. Thermal insulation. Wood acts as a natural insulator, protecting your home from heat and cold.
  2. Aesthetics. While today's synthetic faux wood floors can even fool a professional, the finishes and drawing that you’ll find in them will always be homogeneous, unlike the very attractive variety of shades and irregular streaks of natural wood. In short, a wood floor will always look a lot more natural and present richer nuances. 
  3. Durability. A well maintained wood floor can last a very long time. 
  4. Comfort. Walking barefoot on a wooden floor is a real pleasure 
  5. Hygiene. Wooden floors do not accumulate dust mites or other potentially allergenic elements.

What are the disadvantages of wooden floors?

  1. Price. Generally, the more wood sheets the floor has, the more expensive it will be. Thus, a solid wood floor will be a lot more costly than synthetic laminate flooring.
  2. Resistance. Wooden floors are more delicate than synthetic platforms, and as such are more easily affected by scratches, humidity and sun exposure. This is a factor you have to evaluate based on your circumstances (whether it is an office or a home, if you have kids or pets ...). 
  3. Maintenance. Wood floors must be thoroughly treated every eight or ten years to keep it in perfect condition. This means removing all furniture from the room and spending several days surrounded by noise and dust. 
  4. Noise. Wooden floors are usually louder than floating platforms, but you can always try to isolate acoustically using rugs.

No matter what kind of floor you choose always have professional do the job. Hardwoord Installation in Long Beach by LB Handyman Call us at 562-235-9534

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